Methana is not an island. But it is one.

This is the famous "Theorem of Methana”, and we are here to prove it.

25 April 2023
Methana is not an island. But it is one.

Methana is in the Saronic Gulf and is NOT an island!

What is Methana you may ask? A picturesque and quite unexplored peninsula.

The Methana Peninsula carries many years of history and every possible beauty that can be found on any island. At the same time, it carries every incredible geological and morphological peculiarity that its terrestrial nature offers. And so, while Methana is not an island, it is a beautiful island, full of history, natural wealth, adventure, and wild, volcanic beauty.

So here we are, trying to prove the Theorem to you. That Methana is not an island, but it is one. And in fact, we prove it at length. With arguments that leave no room for doubt. Arguments so bold, that you will most likely book your ferry tickets to visit Methana before you finish reading this blog post.

1. You reach Methana by boat. But it is not an island.

In exactly 2 hours from Gate E8 in the port of Piraeus, you will be disembarking  in the quiet and beautiful port of Methana.

2. You arrive at Methana by boat. But when the boat reaches Methana, you think you are arriving somewhere else. In the Aegean.

Yes, that's right. The ship approaches Methana, that is, essentially Peloponnese, but the mind ‘sees' the Aegean. Why?  Because unlike the plain coastlines on all the other Argosaronic islands, nature here has carved a high, steep landscape with wild rocks that look like melted candles since they are essentially volumes of lava that have petrified.

3. Methana has incredible, pristine beaches with azure waters

The swimming in the sandy, pebbly beaches and crystal clear waters, the fishing and the numerous water activities that the area offers, as well as the romantic walks on the beach of Loutropolis or on the islet of Agioi Anargyroi guarantee unforgettable family holidays on the island of Methana... errr wrong, on the Methana peninsula.

4. In Methana you can enjoy fresh fish and seafood. Like in any Greek island. 

The fish taverns of Methana are famous for their delicious food and genuine, warm hospitality. The seafood comes straight from the fish boat to your plate, along with homemade appetizers and ouzo. Like  in any Greek island. 

5. In Methana the view is always towards the sea.

The walks may be uphill, in the greenery or next to the volcano, but the view is the idyllic image of the sea, adorned with dozens of sailboats setting their bows for the Poros Strait.

and finally

6. The picturesque Methana Peninsula belongs to the complex of islands of the Argosaronic Gulf.

If this is not an argument that Methana is an island, then what is?


For all the above and many more, Methana is not an island. But it is one. 

And it's just 2 carefree hours from Piraeus by ferry.

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