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Dense vegetation, rich history and interesting geology, make Methana an ideal destination for those who love exploring and adventure.  The volcanic landscape is ideal for hiking in nature or rejuvenation in the thermal baths. Methana is an unexpected wellness destination, among the 2023 New York Times’ list of places to explore. 


Highlight of the peninsula, is the active Methana volcano – one of five, active volcanoes in Greece – with the most recent activity recorded in the 3rd century BC. 

Known as ‘Thermal Bath Town’ due to the hot springs in the area, Methana is a direct gateway from the Saronic Islands to the Peloponnese peninsula.

Travel without a vehicle, and enjoy two days of wellbeing and relaxation, taking you back in time. Stay a few extra days, get a car or motorbike and explore the surrounding area, nature, villages and incredible beaches. The increasingly popular hiking destination is sure to reward you!

Sites of Interest in Methana

Methana is one of the favourite and still ‘hidden’ gems of the Saronic Gulf, as it promises laid back, tranquil summer holidays for friends and families. It may be an actual peninsula, but it still gives off the feeling of being on an island. 

Some of the places from the ‘Thermal Bath Town’ of Methana, worth exploring and visiting include:

  • The volcano of Methana: Kameni Chora, The Rift, The hot lava that goes out to the Saronic Gulf
  • The Hot Springs of Methana: The thermal spa town, the old building of the sulphur baths, the historic baths of Pausania, the sulphur springs in the sea, the baths of Agios Nikolaos
  • The Trails of Methana: Crossroads, Lower Mouska from Upper Mouska, Gouri Path, Kounoupitsa Path, Narrow Mule Path
  • The ancient Acropolis, Limanaki Vathi, Paleokastro, Almyra Beach, the Pigeon Cave 
  • The concrete boat in Agios Georgios
  • The pine-covered island of Agioi Anargyroi
  • The castle of Favieros and the wall of the Peloponnesian war
  • The Churches of Mathana: the small chapels and churches of the Byzantine and modern era, that are scattered the inner part of the Methana peninsula
  • The Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus, just an hour drive away from Methana


Beaches at Methana

Calm sandy beaches, as well as volcanic black pebbles. An island vibe. In Methana, you can truly enjoy swimming due to the transparent waters and lack of crowds, even during the busiest high season month of August. 

  • Limnionas: This is the most famous organised beach of Methana – it is sandy with fine pebbles, turquoise waters, umbrellas, sunbeds and seating on the shore surrounded by lush green vegetations reaching the beach. You can also find a beach bar, where you enjoy a cold beverage. 
  • Agioi Anargyroi: located right next to the island of Agioi Anargyroi, inside the coastline of the Termal Bath Town of Methana. The beach Is beautiful, large and sandy with fine pebbles and crystal-clear waters. It is equipped with facilities including beach umbrellas, sunbeds and seating as well as watersports.
  • Agios Nikolaos Beach: located next to the harbour of Agios Nikolas, infront of the synonymous sulphur springs and the chapel of Agios Nikolaos. This is a small, pretty and picturesque beach with brown-red sand and fine pebbles, with tamarisk trees around the edges.
  • Foflakas: just south of the village of Agioi Theodoroi and oppostite to Aegina, you will find dark and red-black big pebbles as well as deep blue clear waters. The beach is tranquil, with no facilities. Its rocky coastline is ideal for underwater fishing.
  • The sandy beach of Agios Georgios is situated in the picturesque harbour and boasts shallow waters, making it a perfect choice for families with little children. Its clear waters are so shallow that you can walk until the concrete German boat, right opposite. On the beach, you can find two picture-perfect tavernas where you can dine or have a drink. 


8 Experiences worth trying in Methana

  1. Discover the Peninsula trails: 120km of ancient paths cross the volcanic rocky landscape, abandoned villages and Aleppo pine forests, while exploring and getting to know the rich flaura and fauna of the area
  2. Feel the authentic hospitality amongst the dozen traditional taverna-cafes in the villages and the Thermal bath town ‘Loutropolis’, eating fresh fish, grilled octopus and seafood meze
  3. Enjoy a relaxed drink and homemade desserts from fresh local products at various cafes in the area
  4. Enjoy a swim in truly pristine beaches and crystal-clear waters
  5. Enjoy a performance at the Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus, just an hour’s drive away
  6. Relax and rejuvenate in a hot tub 
  7. Visit the Throni plateau, situated above Megalochori to see the biggest - out of the 30 - land craters of the Methana volcano
  8.  Experience a peaceful walk by the small peninsular of Agioi Anargyroi, which gives you an island feel. It’s located right next to the harbour and you can walk in its parameter through a pebble-path, and rest at one of the benches overlooking the Saronic Gulf. 


Getting to Methana

The port of Methana is connected by ferry route to Piraeus all-year around, with frequent routes which in addition to passengers, can load cars, motorbikes and bicycles. 

The route Piraeus- Methana has an intermediate stop at Aegina, and takes about two hours. 

All ferries to Methana depart from depart from Gate E8 from the port of Piraeus.

To get to Gate E8, you can drive, take a taxi or get there by metro or train (electric railway) getting off at ‘Pireas’ station stop and a short 5 minute walk.

It is advisable to arrive at the port at least 20-40 minutes ahead of your departure time, as the ferries depart on time. 


Ferry Tickets to Methana

Buying ferry tickets for Methana is easy. 

You can purchase your tickets, either from the central ticket office from the departure port or online. 

The online booking of ferry tickets from Piraeus to Methana is easy and fast through few simple steps: 

1)      Find the ferry route timetable of Sarronic Ferries 

2)      Choose the time and date of your preference

3)      Fill in your details 

4)      Receive your e-ticket in your inbox 

Don’t forget to benefit from a discount – if you qualify. Saronic Ferries offers discounts to children, students and disabled passengers. Bicycle transport is free.


Useful contact numbers for your holiday in Methana

• Methana Port Authority: +302298092279

• Methana Police Station: +302298092370

• Trizina Fire department: +302298035599 – +302298035199

• Medical Center: +302298092222

• Gas station: +302298092260


Ferry Routes to Methana

Ferry departures to Methana, don’t operate with the same frequency throughout the year.  

During winter, the routes are operated every weekend, whilst in the summer the Saronic Ferries’ boats depart from Piraeus to Methana, almost daily. 

The route Piraeus – Methana with an intermediate stop in Aegina, takes approximately two hours. 

Before you travel, check in detail all the ferry route options by Saronic Ferries from Piraeus to Methana, as well as from Methana to Piraeus. Choose the day and time of your convenience, and easily book your ticket online. 

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