Where are we going for a swim today?

Aegina has a unique morphological feature. Its coastal relief is such that it creates small "beaches" all around the perimeter of the island. So no matter where you stay on the island, there is an organized beach less than a 10-minute drive away.

08 March 2023
Where are we going for a swim today?

Small, large, sandy, with pebbles, in a rocky landscape or in a green landscape, or with pine trees that reach the water to cast natural shadows. Some quieter and more family-friendly, others with that nice "fuss" and noisy vibe, all with crystal clear, turquoise waters.

These are some of the best beaches in Aegina.

Agia Marina

The largest organized beach of the island, in the settlement of Agia Marina. With many shops, cafes and bars across the coastline serving the beach and with fantastic waters, ideal for relaxing, diving and socializing. This beach is not to be missed. 

Agios Vasilios

The closest organized beach to the port. Meeting point for surfers & kite surfers, but also ideal for a simple swim. With a tavern on the sea.


Maybe the most hyped beach of the island, with loud music, a fancy canteen-restaurant operating from morning until late at night, and a little further, a fish tavern on the waterfront.

Aegina Marris

In the bay of the once legendary hotel, with the special architectural building dominating the scenery. Organized, with easy parking.


Quiet and picturesque place for a relaxed swim despite the fact that it is an organized beach with a beach bar.


The "double" beach of the island, since it is divided into Marathonas A and Marathonas B. Both A and B are organized, both with a family character, and between them, along with several taverns with delicious food, a popular beach bar. 


One of the most beautiful and remote coves of the island, with incredibly blue waters and an exuberant beach bar with loud music.


Unorganized beach, of incomparable beauty, just 10 minutes from the port. Clear blue waters, golden sand, swimming under history with a view of the archeological site. Formerly the home of careta-careta and also a preference of many artists over the years. Take everything with you from water to umbrellas etc. since this cove has no bars or cafes to facilitate you.

Livadaki Bay (Emerald Heart)

This small bay requires a bit more driving to get to, but it is definitely worth it. Unorganized pebbly beach, almost deserted, with very calm waters and two almost identical small coves that look like a heart from above.


The beach in the famous fishing village. Sand as soon as you reach the settlement on the left, wide rocks with infrastructure (umbrellas-stairs to get in - out) after passing the fish tavernas and houses of the settlement on the right. The waters here are almost always calm. 


Acclaimed as the most beautiful waters of Aegina and maybe of the whole Saronic. Turquoise, crystal clear and cool waters in this unorganized flat on rocks, in one of the most historic neighborhoods of the island. Waters that hosted the entire generation of the 30s, waters and vibe that made Moralis, Kapralos, Nikolaou, Kazantzakis and others chose to make their permanent homes and workshops. 


Quiet, unorganized cove on the eastern side of the island, for relaxation, reading on the beach, sunbathing and certainly for a visit to one of the 3 taverns nearby after your swim.


Perhaps the most beautiful and certainly the most sophisticated bay of the island. An organized beach, a magic in the atmosphere, an immense beauty in the waters and a more low-key but delicious beach bar. Tip: stay to enjoy diving and atmosphere after 7 pm.


The beach next to the northern port of the island, organized with beautiful waters. Everything you need for a daily swim, everything you need for a quick dip before leaving the island.

Souvala Loutra

A little further below the port of Souvala, this organized paradise of never-before-seen thermal waters will enchant you. Green waters against pure white sand and a vibe that is perfect for summer.