Four destinations worth visiting, even for just one day! Marvel at their beauty and discover their history, while travelling with guaranteed comfort in our fleet. We offer some unique island choices for visitors coming through Athens, starting from an hour away in one of our ferries.



Cosmopolitan in the summer and charming in the winter, Aegina is one of the few Greek islands that can fulfill every possible travel wish, all year round. There are fully organized beaches and beaches that feel untouched by man, architectural and ancient monuments that astound, arts, culture & nightlife, wonderful mountain hikes for nature lovers, strolls in distant villages with lively legends, local delicacies & traditions and just simple, plain fun for all hours of the day. Give Aegina a couple of days more than you originally planned. It will happily surprise you and make you want to return, time and again. 

Exclusively for the duration of the summer period, we have deployed the ferry Menekratis in order to service all passengers who wish to disembark at the port of Souvala, situtated at the northern part of the island, making their travel faster and cost-efficient. Destinations like Vigla, Vagia, Vathi, as well as the ancient Temple of Aphaia (Aphaea) and Agia Marina, a seaside resort with a beautiful and lively beach, officially "crowned" with the international blue flag award. 


As close to Athens as a thought, Agistri is the miniature jewel of the Saronic Gulf. It bustles with life day and night, for the entire duration of the Greek summer. Small, picturesque, relaxing and free of the strains of travelling long distances, it is known for the magical beaches that harmoniously combine azure waters with lush vegetation. It only takes a weekend to fall in love with it.


Verdant, full of history and geological attractions, Methana is an ideal destination for those who seek both adventure and tranquility. The Methana peninsula also provides the most direct gate from the Saronic Islands to the Peloponnese. The protagonist of the island is the homonymous volcano, 1 in only 5 active craters in Greece; its last major activity was noted in the 3rd century BC! You can visit Methana without a car, and enjoy a lovely short trip of relaxation and wellness. You can take your vehicle along and plan a longer stay, explore the countryside & natural wonders of the area, the quaint villages and clear beaches, as well as the unique and restorative Methana thermal springs and baths. You will definitely be rewarded!


Picturesque and full of grassy slopes descending towards its sandy beaches, the sophisticated island of Poros masterfully combines tradition with modernity. Walk along the beautiful harbor seafront and its historical paths, discover delightful small shops, swim in its crystal clear waters, and sample fresh delicacies in restaurants and taverns that satisfy every kind of palate. Indulge in the magnificent view of the channel that separates Poros from Galatas: dozens of sailing boats and yachts cross it daily. Gaze at them and let your mind wander in a tranquil afternoon reverie.