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Both cosmopolitan and charming. The queen of the Saronic Gulf, Aegina is one of the few islands in Greece that can fulfil every traveller’s wish all year round. Just over an hour ferry ride away from Piraeus, the main port of Athens, Aegina makes an ideal destination for any type of getaway – daily excursion or longer holiday – both during winter and summer.


Key sites of interest in Aegina

Ancient temples, medieval castles, Byzantine monasteries, captivating monuments including some of Greece’s leading modern architecture buildings - Kapodistrian and Manorial style homes, but also residences of great artists from this and the past century. 

Unspoiled and fully organised beaches, walks in distant picturesque villages with living legends, nature-loving mountain hikes, delicious local products of protected destination of origin and entertainment for any age, any appetite, any time of the day. 

Aegina is inviting and waiting to be discovered again and again. 

 A short list of key sights worth exploring in the delightful gem near Athens:

  • Temple of Athena Aphaia
  • Temple of Apollo – also known as Kolona archaeological site
  • Ancient Olive Grove
  • Paleochora – also known as ‘Mystras’ of Aegina
  • Monastery of Agios Nektarios
  • The nine cultural trails 
  • Museums of Aegina – including the Archeological, Folklore and Christos Kapralos
  • The fishing village of Perdika
  • The Kapodistrian buildings
  • The Mansion Promenade – including the residences of Kanaris, Trikoupis, Mavrokordatos, Konstostavlos and Voulgaris)
  • The Artists’ Walk – walking tour of the residences of Nikolaou, Moralis, Kapralos with the famous statue of ‘Mother’ and Kazatzakis) 


Beaches in Aegina

Stunning, each with their own style, yet all with crystal clear waters.

And the best thing is their proximity to Athens, as you can be enjoying  a swim with easy access - only within an hour from Athens.

The many beaches of Aegina range from family friendly to cosmopolitan ones, small and secluded coves as well as large and organised coastlines, sandy or pebbly shores, some which are ideal for reading, relaxing and for finding complete serenity, or others perfect for kitesurfing, with key tourist facilities as well as options to party at vibrant beach bars.

To find sunbeds, beach umbrellas and additional facilities, choose of the below:

  • Agia Marina
  • Agios Vasileios
  • Aiginitissa
  • Aegina Marris
  • Vagia
  • Marathonas (A and B)
  • Klima or Kleidi
  • Kamares
  • Perdika
  • Sarpas
  • Souvala
  • Souvala (Loutra)
  • Moni (the front side of the island) 

If you prefer more secluded and quiet options, you can explore one of the below:

  • Kolona
  • Plakakia
  • Livadaki Bay (emerald heart)
  • Mourioti
  • Portes
  • Smaller coves (Mana, Fanari Mpouza, Arfara, Vlychad, Grandpa’s Bay, Leonti, Ligia, Paliopyrgo, Zinovi and Mourioti)
  • Moni (back side of the island) 


 8 Experiences Worth Living in Aigina 

  1. Take a dive! The sea is accessible almost around the entire island with many hidden gems with crystal clear waters.
  2. Try Greece’s most famous pistachio – part of the island’s identity - and the pistachio-flavoured ice-cream. 
  3. Eat at least one fresh fruit from the ‘grocery’ trawlers by the port 
  4. Visit one of the exhibitions at one of the island’s noteworthy museums
  5. Enjoy a coffee or a drink at the cafes located near the City Hall, by the port. It’s very likely, that an impromptu rebetiko live music feast will take place by various music artists who gather around since early afternoon until late in the evening
  6. Take a boat to Moni – a little paradise, only a 10 minute ride away from Perdika or 20 minutes from the port. Moni, is a virgin, uninhabited island with crystal clear waters, deers and wild peacocks. 
  7. Indulge in a meat meal at Anitsea, a picturesque mountain village with incredible tavernas
  8. Experience a carefree summer evening stroll in the central port and Aegina's esplanade. Free from any type of vehicles, it’s a real treat for everyone. 


Some useful telephone numbers for your holidays in Aegina:

Aegina Port Authority: +302297022328
Aegina Hospital: +302297024489
Citizen Service Center: +302297026222
Police: +302297022100
Aegina Fire Service: +302297022172
Information Office: +302297026967
KTEL Aegina: +302297022787
Aegina Taxi: +302297022635


How to get to Aegina/ Getting here

The main port of Aegina is connected by ferry with the port of Piraeus, all year round – with frequent, daily ferry routes – which in addition to passengers, can load cars, motorbikes and bicycles. 

During summer months, the ferry boats of Saronic Ferries depart from the port of Piraeus almost every hour, and arrive to the main port of Aegina within 1 hour and 10 minutes. 

All routes to Aegina, depart from Gate E8 from the port of Piraeus.

To get to Gate E8, you can drive, take a taxi or get there by metro or train (electric railway) getting off at ‘Pireas’ station stop. Gate 8 is a short 5 minute walk from the station. 

It is advisable to arrive at the port at least 20-40 minutes ahead of your departure time, as the ferries depart on time. 

Apart from the main port of Aegina, you can also travel from the port of Piraeus to Souvala. 

Souvala, is the second biggest port of the island, and one of the main tourist resorts. The route Piraeus – Souvala is taking only 1 hour, making it an ideal destination for day-trips. 


Ferry Tickets to Aigina

Buying ferry tickets for the main port of Aegina is easy. 

You can purchase your tickets, either from the central ticket office from the departure port or online. 

The online booking of ferry tickets from Piraeus to Aegina is easy and fast through few simple steps: 

1)      Find the ferry route timetable of Sarronic Ferries 

2)      Choose the time and date of your preference

3)      Fill in your details 

4)      Receive your e-ticket in your inbox 

Don’t forget to benefit from a discount – if you’re entitled to it. Saronic Ferries offers discounts to children, students, and disabled passengers. 


Ferry Routes to Aigina

The port of Aegina is the second largest port in passenger traffic in Greece, proof for the island’s strong passenger dynamic. 

Ferry departures to Aegina don’t operate at the same frequency throughout the year, however there are daily routes connecting the island with Piraeus. 

The first ferry route by Saronic Ferries to Aegina, departs from the port of Piraeus at 7:20am, with arrival time at the port of Aegina at 8:30am.

The last route departs between 19:45 and 21:30, depending on the season and passenger traffic. 

Before you travel, check in detail all the ferry route options by Saronic Ferries from Piraeus to Aegina, as well as from Aegina to Piraeus. Choose the day and time of your convenience, and easily book your ticket online. 

Except the direct routes to the main port of Aegina, there are additional ferry boat routes from the port of Piraeus to the port of Souvala. 

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