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Particularly picturesque and surrounded by green slopes that descend towards the beach, the cosmopolitan island of Poros gracefully combines tradition with modernity. Walk along the beautiful promenade by the port, explore the historic narrow streets, discover the countless little shops, dive in wonderful waters and taste delicacies from the many restaurants and tavernas to suit your appetite. Immerse in the breath-taking view of the Poros strait which separates Poros from Galata. Daily, you will see dozens of boats/yachts and sailing boats cruising, making your mind wander away.


Sites of Interest in Poros

Its beauty has been praised by acclaimed poets and writers, such as Georgios Seferis, Ioulia Dragoumi and American writer Henry Miller. Poros, is one of the greenest and most loved islands of the Saronic Gulf, as it combines pine forests and pristine beaches with picturesque cobblestoned paths and neo-classical buildings. 

Some of the places worth discovering in Poros: 

  • The Clock Tower of Poros: The Clock, is an emblematic and imposing landmark of the island, built in 1927. It is easily accessible from the port and has a dominating presence amongst prickly pear and pine trees at the highest point of the island.
  • Dana Lighthouse: It dominates the entrance of Poros Bay, built in 1870 by the French Society of Ottoman Lighthouses and is one of the most beautiful stone built square lighthouses in Greece.
  • Zoodochos Pigi Monastery: Built in the 18th century over a lush green slope, it is 4km away from the centre square of Poros. The monastery is a testament of the unique monastic architecture of the island.
  • Russian Naval Station/ Dockyard: To the west of the port of Poros, in a beautiful bay, you will find the ruins of the amphitheatrically built Russian Naval Station preserved since 1989, which has been classified as a historically preserved monument.
  • Sanctuary of Poseidon: The ancient temple of Poseidon on the north side of the island, is estimated to have been built in 520BC. It s one of the three great sanctuaries of Poseidon around the  Saronic Gulf, forming an equal side triangle with the temples of Ancient Aphaia in Aigina and the Temple of Posdeidon in Sounio.
  • Archeological Museum of Poros: located in Korizi square, you can find sculptures, inscriptions and architectural parts, classical period statues and archaeological findings from the surrounding area
  • The Lemon Grove of Galata: a large area with more than 30,000 lemon and orange trees, located opposite from Poros, in Galata. This has been declared as a protective area by the European Union.
  • Bourtzi: East of the port, the small isle with the small castle is hiding little secrets of the 19th century
  • Poros town: very picturesque as it is built on a hill, it is overlooking the harbour amphitheatrically, and has many wonderful cobblestoned streets and beautiful building 


Beaches in Poros

Swimming in pine-covered coves and wind sheltered, romantic beaches. Poros will impress you, with its turquoise and easily accessible beaches. 

Some of the nicest beaches of the island, worth exploring include:

  • Love Bay / Limanaki tis Agapis: a romantic beach to swim under pine trees, it is organised with facilities including a canteen and sunbeds. It is one of the most famous beaches of the island.
  • Russian Bay - Naval Station/ Dockyard Beach: preserved monument, with historical interest, here you can find a well organised beach
  • Kanali: sandy beach near Poros town. It’s a great choice for families due to its proximity to the town and the flat sandy bottom. It offers Aegean Sea views and turquoise waters.
  • Askeli: one of the busiest and well-known beaches of the island, due to its location, its sandy shore and blue waters. It is situated on the south eastern side of Kalavria, south of the synonymous little pine covered village. Here you can find beach umbrellas, sunbeds, watersports and beach volley.
  • Gerolimenas or Gerolimani: two peaceful pebbly beaches, quite secluded and remote and with no umbrellas. Here you can find total serenity, and can access them on foot.


8 Experiences worth Having in Poros

  1. Try one of the many watersport options, suitable for every taste. 
  2. Walk and explore the old, uniquely beautiful cobbled pathways in Poros town 
  3. Go horseback riding
  4. Take a short boat ride for a mini excursion across the coast to Galata, on the Peloponnese peninsula.  In just 10 minutes, you will reach the magnificent Lemon Grove, full of green lemon and orange trees which blossom in spring. This makes a truly romantic walk, including picturesque watermills.
  5. Reach the old windmill at the top of Sfairia hill, and the chapel of Agioi Anargyroi where the bay and island view is undoubtedly the best you will find 
  6. Visit the isle of Daskalio, opposite the Russian Dockyard. What makes Daskalio special, is the fact that when looking at it from above, you will realise it is heart-shaped, and this is hence it is known as ‘the island of love’!
  7. Visit the traditional village settlement, which spreads amphitheatrically over the Sfairia hill, to get a taste of Greek architecture with neoclassical mansions and picturesque pathways
  8. Do not miss a visit to Pounta - a scenic fishermen’s neighbourhood that has preserved its unique colourful character 


Getting to Poros

The port of Poros, is connected by ferry route to the port of Piraeus – all year around with frequent routes, which in addition to passengers, can load cars, motorbikes and bicycles. 

All routes to Poros, depart from Gate E8 from the port of Piraeus.

To get to Gate E8, you can drive, take a taxi or get there by metro or train (electric railway) getting off at ‘Pireas’ station stop and a short 5 minute walk.

It is advisable to arrive at the port at least 20-40 minutes ahead of your departure time, as the ferries depart on time. 


Ferry Tickets to Poros

Buying ferry tickets for the port of Poros is easy. 

You can purchase your tickets, either from the central ticket office from the departure port or online. 

The online booking of ferry tickets from Piraeus to Poros is easy and fast through few simple steps: 

1)      Find the ferry route timetable/ schedule of Sarronic Ferries 

2)      Choose the time and date of your preference

3)      Fill in your details 

4)      Receive your e-ticket in your inbox 

Don’t forget to benefit from a discount – if you qualify. Saronic Ferries offers discounts to children, students and disabled passengers. Bicycle transfer is free.


Useful contact numbers for your holiday in Poros

• Emergency number - Municipality of Poros: 15303

• Police Station: +302298023256

• Fire department: +302298022199

• Galata Health Centre: +3022980320300

• Poros Regional Medical Clinic: 2298022600

• Poros Port Authority: +302298022274

• Taxi: +302298023003


Ferry Routes to Poros

Ferry departures to Poros don’t operate at the same frequency throughout the year, however there are routes connecting the island with Piraeus, Aegina and Methana both in winter and summer.

During summer, ferries by Sarronic Ferries depart from Piraeus to Poros daily, and reach the island within 2hours and 35 minutes. 

Before you travel, check in detail all the ferry route options/ itineraries by Saronic Ferries from Piraeus to Poros, as well as from Poros to Piraeus. Choose the day and time of your convenience, and easily book your ticket online. 

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