Valentine's Day plans?

In Poros, there is a small bay called the Port of Love.

01 February 2024
Valentine's Day plans?

We don't know if you have anything planned for Valentine's Day this year. 

We don't know if you're even going to arrange something for Valentine's Day this year. 

In Poros, however, there is a small bay called Love Bay Beach Poros, or the Port of Love.

And it's just a 30-minute romantic walk by the sea away from the port.

And Poros in general is wonderful. For Valentine's Day, or for the weekend before or after Valentine's Day.

Particularly picturesque and surrounded by green slopes that descend towards the beach, the cosmopolitan island of Poros gracefully combines tradition with modernity, just 2 hours and 35 minutes away from the port of Piraeus by ferry.

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