Ask the locals: Aegina

The visual artist Myrto Psychaki takes us on a tour to her favorite spots in Aegina

14 March 2024
Ask the locals: Aegina

Myrto Psychaki is a graduate of the Athens School of Fine Arts and, as she says, she connected with Aegina years ago because of a house that existed in her father's family.

"There is no origin from the island. From the age of 27 onwards I started spending my summers in Aegina, initially at the family home and in recent years we have been renting. The goal is to get a house of our own. Growing up, the idea of a more permanent stay on the island sounds very appealing.” explains her love for the Argosaronic island.

What is the ideal time to visit Aegina?
Due to its proximity, the island is alive almost throughout the year. With some shops closing or underperforming, but without ever being deserted. Apparently summer takes on another life that starts at Easter and lasts through September.

How many days are ideal to spend on the island?
If one decides to take a day trip, the day can be very pleasantly filled. Of course in the summer with swimming, always good food and walks in the very beautiful streets of the center of the island. But even on a beautiful winter day, very close to the port there is a small, but extremely beautiful archaeological museum as well as the ruins of an ancient settlement, right next to the museum, which are worth visiting. There is always the option of the temple of Afaia in an incredible spot on the island, for which, however, you need a means of transport.

Where do you suggest we eat?
Three to four days are enough to go around and smell the island. A visit to the picturesque port of Perdika is a must. Excellent food in Nontas, from the oldest fish taverns. In the center of the island, in the port, award-winning food in Skotadis, which has been around since the island had no electricity.. Also, it is worth taking a trip to the center of the island in Alones to Taki's tavern with great stews and meats.

Which is your favorite beach and why?
Do not expect beaches of exotic beauty in Aegina. The sea is clean and the beaches are honest. For secular dives, Klidi beach is ideal.

Is there a secret spot on the island that the locals know about and can you tell us about?
In the summer, the streets of the city are full of bars, but Perdikiotika has been a constant value for many years.

What can one do on the island besides eating and swimming in the sea in the summer?
The open air cinema is always in the program.

What music should we listen to on the journey there? What do you think suits the island?
The music that dresses my routes always depends on the mood. I love the Italian discography, old and new and I always prefer it. There are also times when my daughter is non-negotiable in her choice of music and so I succumb.

Finally, how would you describe Aegina?
For me, Aegina has become my second home over the years. I believe I still haven't discovered it all. It is an island that many artists have loved and built their lives there. Maybe it's one of the reasons that its atmosphere suits me. It is an underrated island by many but from experience I say that the opinion changes with a visit to Aegina.


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