Methana - A year round destination for all

The 'GIDI of Methana' mountain race 2023 is now history, a brilliant history, with smiles, unforgettable memories, new friendships and many promises for the future.

04 December 2023
Methana - A year round destination for all

It's not an island. It is an insular peninsula, that is, almost an island.

And this is what makes Methana unique, all year round.

Sea all around, mountains and volcanoes in the middle. And until you reach the coast from the top, you pass by forests, volcanic soils, centuries-old cobblestones, thermal waters, fields, lands, ancient and Byzantine temples, castles and every sort of beauty that has sculpted this unque place throughout the years.

There, among all this, the 'GIDI of Methana' was set up. A two-day sports and cultural event that was introduced this year and gave another autumn note to Methana, with a three-day event full of running, fun, dancing, food and hospitality.

The mountain race which was organised by the ARSINOI Association and, with the support of the Municipality of Troizinia - Methana, took place on November 18 and 19, 2023.

Saronic Ferries was there to support the event as a big sponsor, and wholeheartedly wishes to be there for the next ones as well.

GIDI of Methana 2024 is already in the works with many improvements and big surprises!