Greek Orthodox Easter in the Saronic

The most hospitable destination for a truly unforgettable Easter.

11 April 2024
Greek Orthodox Easter in the Saronic

From the small little chapels up in the mountains and down by the seashore and from the
houses and yards, to the shops, taverns and large churches' squares, Saronikos comes alive at Easter, from one end to the other. Every corner of the gulf and every alley of every village is filling up with life during this time of the year.

The weather, almost always an ally and nature always at her best make Aegina, Souvala, Agistri, Methana
and Poros the ideal destinations for an Easter escape of a few or many days, just a breath away from Athens.

In the mornings, coffee where the waves crash and quiet walks in the alleys are an oasis and an escape from everyday life. Shortly after, it's time for an educational walk. The museums and monuments are now welcoming guests in their outdoor spaces with the sun's permission. This is also the time of day when the most daring will attempt their firts dives of the year into the sea. If you are among them, look no further. The waters, calm from the loneliness of winter, are crystal clear and blue everywhere. 

At noon, thousands of tables are waiting, either on the mountain or by the sea, filled with local and traditional delicacies both for those fasting and those who aren't.

Adventure time usually comes in the afternoon. The day has grown, nature is at its best and country walks or paths for cyclists are exactly what you need to whet the appetite before dinner. And then, as soon as the harbor lights up, so does the merriment for food, for a drink or for both.

Holly Friday has its own color in the Saronic region. In every small chapel and church, the faithful decorate with their own characteristic way the Epitaph. And each procession has its own unique route.
The ports of Aegina and Poros definitely stand out.
3 tours start every Holly Friday from the city of Aegina. Each one has its own path, but always at some point they will meet And just then, there will be a short pause and in an atmosphere of devoutness, the 3 processions will pray together for a few minutes, before each one continues its own way back.
In Poros, in the central square of the port, 4 epitaphs meet traditionally. After a common prayer, each one continues its route, but then, the impressive part begins. In a whimsical atmosphere, a sacred spectacle occurs. Tthe Epitaph of the Evangelism departs by sea, with the gri-gri and the boats of the local "seafarers" carrying the procession.

As in all of Greece, the atmosphere in the Saronic on Holly Saturday is really overwhelming. Look for the little mountaintop chapels, check what time do they celebrate the Resurrection, and go early, because the ritual is truly unique. After that, of course try to find where they make the best mageiritsa. Even taverns famous for their fish, bring out their best in cooking the traditional mageiritsa. 

Easter Sunday
The day when Saronikos eats, dances and sings in one table, with one voice. Wherever you turn your gaze, you will also see a fire that will burn from early morning until late at night and will serve appetizers non stop.
Tip or the day from the locals of Aegina: if you're looking for something more traditional, then the old custom of 'The dance of Lampri' that revives in the square of the Holy Cross, in Paliachora, the old Castle of Aegina, is the festival that you should definitely go to.

This is Saronic at Easter. The most welcoming destination that has everything to offer and will offer you a truly unforgettable Easter.

Set sail with us, and discover Easter in the Saronic.
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