Ask the Locals: Agistri

Kelli Seferou reveals the ideal spot to watch the sunset in Agistri

16 April 2024
Ask the Locals: Agistri

Agistri, for Kelly Seferou, is... "her island".

“What can I say first about this little gem? Literally small. Small but adorable. At least for me. As I typically tell everyone, I connected with Agistri years ago because of a family business that came about completely by accident. And after that, my love affair with this particular island was not accidental at all. It was karmic I would say.”

There is no descent from the island. From the age of 15 onwards she started spending many days of her summer in Agistri. With friends, with family, with her boyfriend. “Working in the family business on an island, overlooking the sea? From me it is a huge yes even if it is difficult for me to go back and forth between Athens and Agistri due to obligations. Even if it's only 1.5 hours by boat."

"My goal? That my children will grow up there someday, or at least experience their most beautiful summers there, as I did, and still do. After all, growing up, I can't hide from you that the idea of a permanent stay on the island is very tempting to me. Sounds appealing to my ears, we'll see though. Maybe one day I'll come permanently, who knows?"

What is the ideal time to visit Agistri?
For such a small island, dressed in the green and blue of the sky and the sea, I find it difficult to simply tell you summer. It certainly does not have the cosmopolitan aura of other islands, especially if one visits it in Spring or Autumn, nevertheless this island is what you need if you want to enjoy nature and the sea all year round. You will find very few shops open if you visit it in the cold months, but in the summer there is a party happening here. The island literally comes to life with sea smells and carefree aromas. If you visit during Easter time or from June to September,  you will probably want to stay more than 2 to 3 days.

How many days are ideal to spend on the island?
Two to three days, as I mentioned, are literally enough to see everything. Now, if you get tired and want to sit longer (as is usually the case), then you probably have time to change your tickets. If you need to rest, have fun, fall in love and be loved, eat well, walk, dance and get lost in the blue-green colors of the island, then yes, come for a month. It is certain that you will have a great time!

Where do you suggest we eat?
You are asking me something beyond my skills. If you stay for three or four days then you have time to taste food and aromas from various shops and taverns. The truth is that I have sat everywhere and rarely have I been unsatisfied somewhere. All the people here have an Athenian air but do not forget their island mood. With a friendly attitude they will host you in their shop and you will hardly want to leave. If you are into Italian food, I recommend "Avli" in Skala. They have wood-fired pizza. As for its spaghetti? I have eaten better in Agistri than in Italy. Okay, I'm not always objective, I accept that, but I'm telling the truth.

If you still want seafood or small fish, for me, my top favorite is "Mandraki". It is located on the other side of the island, in the port of Megalochori, and I have no words to describe the deliciousness of this taverna. All I can tell you is that many people come by boat just to eat and then leave. Excellent view of the sea and smells that you will surely think about in the winter until the next summer comes.

At the same time "Moschos" and "A little wine, a little sea" are some more excellent options for seafood.

As for meats and stews? "Sagittarius", has a strong brand name and its value is equivalent to quality. It is also located in Skala and I don't need to tell you anything else. A visit will convince you and I just wish you can find a table available.

Which is your favorite beach and why?
Dragonera, Halikiada, Aponissos.

Green nature in all its glory, crystal refreshing waters, tranquility and inner harmony. If you are looking for all these, then welcome to Dragonera Beach.

As for Halikiada, it is a dreamy route through the pine trees until you get there. Its a pristine beach with coarse pebbles and crystal clear waters. It is also a nudist beach. Access is relatively difficult and requires caution because it is only possible on foot. Nevertheless, the view and the relaxation reward you. 

What can I say about Aponisos? This beach  entered my heart from the first moment. It has lovely waters (looks like a swimming pool) and is easily accessible with or without a vehicle.

It is a small private island, which is joined to the larger Agistri by a small bridge. It is 5 to 8 kilometers from Megalochori and Skala, depending on the starting point, the means of transport and the route you choose. From the settlement of Limenaria

There is an organized section with sunbeds and also a space if you want to spread your towel. It would be good to come early in the morning, as the free space is relatively limited. With one word; Just dreamy!

Is there a secret spot on the island that the locals know about and can you tell us about? Where do you suggest we have a cool drink?
In the summer the streets of the island are full of people and there are many options, it depends on your tastes. A constant value for me is the "Sunrise" in front of the beach for a coffee and in the evening at the bar of the store for a cool cocktail.

Also if you are lucky during your tour of the island, you will meet its permanent residents. That is, turtles, rabbits, ducks and even peacocks that come from the neighboring island of Moni.

What can one do on the island besides eating and swimming in the sea in the summer?
Enjoy a wonderful sunset from the church of Panagia in the village of Metohi, the only settlement on the island that is built on a hill. The sea view is really amazing!

If you are into water sports, there are many bays and coves on the island where you can indulge in them. You will surely find many places to enjoy the green-blue waters, the pine trees by the sea, for boating, kayaking, water skiing, windsurfing and of course water games if you are visiting with your family or friends.

Where would you recommend us to stay?
At Green Island Studios. It is located in Skala Agistriou, in the most cosmopolitan area of the island. It is a modern luxury guest house consisting of thirteen double rooms and seven maisonettes. You can combine absolute tranquility with swimming in the crystal clear waters of the island in just four minutes!

What music should we listen to on the journey there? What do you think suits the island?
Perhaps the most difficult question. For me, music is purely a matter of mood and psychology. So what everyone likes is also the ideal music for the destination. There are no rules on the island, let alone music. It is friendly at all levels. As for my own favorite summer song? It is "The Wave" by Konstantinos Beta. Put it on loud and stare at the sea. You will remember me!

Finally, how would you describe Agistri?
The home of my heart. That's how I would describe it. It feels like a destination in every way and the fact that it's small makes it an even more adorable place for me. All my summer experiences and all the moments I have lived there remain unforgettable.

For some it still remains an unknown destination. I hope it remains unkonwn, and those who are enchanted by its beauty, I know that they return here again because after all, as you will hear them say: there is nothing like Argosaronicos! Like at home! This is how I would describe the "island" of my heart!

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