Passenger ticket terms and conditions

  1. Tickets are non-transferable, and issued in the passenger's name. They  are valid only for the voyage for which they were issued 
  2. Passengers should be in the embarkation area at least 30 minutes prior to scheduled departure. Passengers who are not on time for sailing, are not entitled to a refund.
  3. The driver is obligated to embark and disembark their vehicle. 
  4. Vehicle co-passengers are obliged to alight before vehicles are embarked aboard.
  5. Passengers should have with them the items they need during the voyage. After departure, entry into the vehicle area is forbidden.
  6. Passengers are solely responsible for the protection and safe-keeping of their luggage, as well as any jewellery, money and valuables enclosed therein. The ship-owning company is not responsible for any damage to or loss of passenger luggage. 
  7. The ship-owning Company is not responsible for any delay, deviation and not following of the scheduled course due to adverse weather conditions, or on orders of the Greek Ministry of Mercantile Marine, or of the Port Authorities, or due to force majeure.
  8. Passengers are not permitted to carry explosive, flammable and generally dangerous substances.
  9. Passengers must refrain from littering the vessel and the sea. Bins are available on all decks for this purpose.
  10. All bulky luggage should be placed away from corridors and out of the way of passenger cross-throughs.
  11. Passengers should not place luggage or other items on passenger seats. 
  12. Passengers are responsible for observing Port, Health and Customs Regulations.
  13. Passengers should comply with the Master's and crew's directions for maintaining order and ensuring safety aboard.
  14. During the voyage all passenger complaints should be made to the ship's Master or First Officer and, after the completion of the voyage, to the ship-owning Company or the Port Authorities.

Ship  Planning

In order to collect your tickets you will be asked to provide your booking reference number, a valid ID of one of the passengers, as well as the BONUS CARD of Saronic Ferries (if applicable) which was used during your reservation.

All departures of Saronic Ferries will be executed by the vessels Achaeos, Phivos, Apollon Hellas, Posidon Hellas. Vessels may trade departures between them, depending on each itinerary’s specific needs, without prior notice. For further information, passengers may contact our headquarters at (+30) 210 4101555 / 210 4112020.

Ticket Sales

  1. Through our website ( You will need a valid credit/debit card.
  2. From our Company's ticket kiosks situated at the ports of departure.
  3.  Through a large network of cooperating travel agencies and online selling points (extra charges may apply, depending on their specific policy)

Ticket Collection

In order to collect your tickets you will be asked to provide your booking reference number, a valid ID of one of the passengers, as well as the BONUS CARD of Saronic Ferries (if applicable) which was used during your reservation. You may also retrıeve your tickets electronically, in your e-mail, your mobile phone or your tablet by clıcking WEB CHECK IN 

If discounted fares were applicable for any passengers (eg. Children/students/ disabled passengers, etc) they should carry appropriate official proof for said discount. 

Note: The email notification from our on-line booking system with your booking confirmation in NO WAY constitutes a means for any passenger to embark the vessel.


Up to 24 hours prior to departure: Tickets are fully refundable (for online bookings, money refunded back into the bank card/account used for your original reservation) or new tickets of the same or greater value can be issued for a different date/time, also depending on availability.

From 24 hours up to 12 hours prior to departure time : Tickets are cancelled with a 50% refund of the amount paid, or they are transferred to another date based on availability, or they are converted to open dated.

Between 12 hours and 1 hour prior to departure: Tickets are NOT refundable. Passengers can only modify their tickets for a different time/date and of the same or greater value, depending on availability, or convert them to open dated.

Exception: E-tickets issued by our online system at can also be modified by sending the request to on commercial policy and availability

For less than 1 hour prior to departure: No refund or amendment of tickets is possible.

Ticket Loss: In case of loss of ticket(s) passenger(s) must purchase new tickets and pay for them again.

Fares / Discounts

The fares include sea passage in selected accommodation and all port expenses. Meals and beverages are not included.

All discounts are not cumulative and only the highest discount is granted at a time, when applicable conditions are met.

Passengers entitled to discounted fares are kindly requested to state it at the time of booking and carry with them all the necessary proof documents during the tickets issue as well as the check-in procedure. Once the ticket is issued, no refunds are provided for price differences.

  • Children under the age of 5 (infants) travel free of charge.
  • Children 5-10 years old benefit with 50% reduction of the total fare.
  • ISIC cardholders are granted 50% discount. 


Pets travel free of charge in specially designated kennels on the vessel's deck. Pets are not allowed in indoor public areas. Pet owners are responsible for feeding and pet hygiene. Pet owners are required to have their pet's valid health papers with them.

Customer Care

If you need some help with your booking or require additional information for any of the services we provide, do not hesitate to call us on (+30) 210 – 4101555 / (+30) 210 – 4112020, or you may e-mail us to

The European Commission has set up an Online Dispute Resolution which can be used to resolve disputes about online purchases between consumers and online traders