Our goal is to operate a purely electric fleet by 2040. To achieve this, Saronic Ferries will gradually replace all of its existing vessels with emissions-free vessels over the next 23 years.


Fleet sailing optimisation

By performing a real-time analysis of port-by-port demand and by taking advantage of the unique characteristics of each vessel, we continuously optimize the schedule, capacity allocation and sailing speed to each destination, to maximize the efficiency and sustainability of our fleet.


Vessel concept design

Taking into account our business and operational profile and analyzing the future of marine fuels, we have come to the conclusion that the most suitable ships to serve the Saronic are the fully electric ones. So, together with world-class partners, we are designing a fully electric ferry that is scheduled to be operational and join our fleet by 2026. It will be the first zero-emission ship for the Saronic Islands and for Greece.


Driving change

We are taking a step towards a cleaner and more sustainable world. We envision our operation in the Saronic Islands with an exclusively electric fleet of ships by 2040. We collaborate with pioneering companies in order to innovate, bring change and inspire more green fleet renewal projects in Greece.