Our Fleet

See photos and read about the essential features of the SARONIC FERRIES fleet


The Car Passenger Ferry PHIVOS has an overall length of 100 meters and capacity for 120 cars and 1200 passengers. She was completely refurbished over a twelve-month period and in July 2005 she commenced trading under the Nova Ferries brand. Passengers are accommodated in two internal decks. There are 5 separate lounge areas and 3 bars, as well as plenty of open deck space with seating arrangement for those who wish to be outside and those carrying pets. Passenger embarkation via escalator from the left side of the vessel is viable for everyone, including passengers with disabilities.



Built in 2007, Achaeos is a contemporary, hi-tech, double-ended ferry with luxurious passenger areas, reminiscent of those found in cruise ships. She features a maximum capacity of 1000 passengers and 140 cars. Cars are loaded/unloaded in two decks and in forward manner, ensuring maximum comfort and safety for the drivers. Passengers board the vessel via two electrical escalators, and easily reach the lovely lounge area. The vessel complies fully with boarding requirements for elderly or disabled passengers.

Apollon Hellas

Built in 1990, Apollon Hellas has a total length of 91.80 meters and a maximum capacity of 1380 passengers and 100 cars. Passengers are accommodated on two decks. The upper deck also features an outside snack bar and outdoor seating under the protection of a sun roof.




Posidon Hellas

Built in 1998, with an overall length of 86 meters, Posidon Hellas is a conventional ferry with loading/unloading platforms at both ends, meaning drivers always move forward during embarkation and disembarkation. The vessel has a maximum capacity of 1300 passengers and 74 cars. There is plenty of outside seating available, sheltered as well as uncovered.


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