Saronic Ferries sustains the Saronic community by supporting a series of actions, sponsorships, initiatives and donations that promote Health, Sports and Culture.

We facilitate and side with an evolving and caring society, envisioning a better, anthropocentric, sustainable future.



with quick reflexes for anyone in need, providing free transportation: 

  • of medical personnel
  • of medical devices and equipment
  • of patients in ambulances to the port of Piraeus
  • of vulnerable medical patients 
  • of the pediatrician of the childcare center of Aegina
  • of the ranks of The Hellenic National Public Health Organization (EODY) and Ministry of Health bodies in cases of
  • mass diagnostic tests

& modification of itineraries whenever there is an emergency or a need to transport patients



promoting  youth by supporting a healthy, athletic lifestyle


Great sponsor and supporter of the biggest sporting events in the Saronic region

  • "Ioannis Kapodistrias" Road Race
  • Hard Sun Trail Race in Agistri island 
  • Annual Triathlon of Poros "Porosea"
  • "Georgio Zaimis Cup 2022"
  • Methana Volcano Challenge
  • Aegina Trail Mountain Race “Ellanios Dias”
  • Regatta of Traditional Wooden Boats "Oceanida"

Proud sponsor of most of the sports clubs, football clubs, volley clubs and nautical club  operating in Aegina:

  • A.O. Aegina SARONIKOS
  • N.O.A.
  • O.A.K. Aegina


Culture & Education 

endorsing initiatives that make life better


Sponsor and great supporter of the region's biggest cultural events

  • Aegina International Music Festival
  • Aegina Theater Festival
  • Aegina Film Festival
  • Cultural Activities of the Municipality of Agistrio
  • Cultural Activities of the Municipality of Poros
  • Cultural Activities KEDA Aegina
  • Tsak Bam Festival
  • Pistachio Fest
  • Events of the Andreas Kapsalis Foundation

Proud supporter of numerous  Foundations and NGOs

  • To hamogelo tou paidiou 
  • Panhellenic Association of Adapted Activities "ALMA"
  • Urban cultural company PYRNA
  • Make A Wish
  • Panhellenic Association for the Prevention of Traffic Accidents and Support for People with Special Needs "Agapi Frontida Zois"
  • Hope Runners Association
  • Association of parents and guardians with disabilities 'The workshop'
  • The HOME Project

Embracing  education of all kinds and levels

  • Hosting and guiding hundreds of EPAL students to the bridges and engine rooms of the fleet as part of educational familiarization trips
  • Transporting  teachers of all levels with a special discount
  • Transporting MOUSA Conservatory teachers with a special discount
  • Free transfer 'On The Go Portable Digital Planetarium'